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LC360 Mini Sterilizer
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LC360 Mini Sterilizer

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Sterilization range is 30 ~ 40 cm 2mg in one hour Round design for full sterilization Compact and lightweight, very low voltage, suitable for children Charging: USB Life time: about seven days Maintenance: one year Exports, no need to change filters and batteries


Fast and Complete Sterilization

100% sterilization rate of natural bacteria in the air in 30 minutes

E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans reach above 99% in 40 minutes

"45 minutes" after start-up: Air sedimentation bacteria ≤ 15 CFU / dish • 30MIN, airborne bacteria in the air ≤ 800 / m & sup; the air cleanliness is above 300,000 (ISO9 standard), and the highest can reach 100.

The bipolar plasma electrostatic field is used to decompose and break negatively charged bacteria, polarize and adsorb the dust, and then combine the components such as drug-impregnated activated carbon, electrostatic net, and photocatalytic catalyst to perform secondary sterilization and filtration. Circulating flow keeps the controlled environment at the "sterile clean room" standard.

1.Efficiency and Broad Spectrum

Ozone sterilization belongs to lysobacterial grade, with complete sterilization, no residue, and wide sterilization. It can kill bacterial reproduction and spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and can destroy botulinum toxins. Ozone not only has a strong killing effect on various bacteria. Without any pollution.

2. Green sterilization without any pollution

Ozone has poor stability and quickly decomposes itself into oxygen and individual oxygen atoms. A single oxygen atom combines itself to form an oxygen molecule without any toxic residue, so it becomes a pollution-free disinfectant.

3. No dead ends

Ozone is a gas that can quickly permeate the entire sterilization space without sterilization.
Ozone is a strong oxidant, and the sterilization process is a biochemical oxidation reaction. O3 sterilization has the following three forms:

1. Ozone can oxidize and break down the enzymes needed by the bacteria's internal glucose, which will inactivate the bacteria and die.

2. Directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy their organelles and DNA and RNA, destroy the metabolism of bacteria, and cause death of bacteria.

3. Penetrating cell membrane tissues, invading cells, acting on the outer membrane of lipoproteins and internal lipopolysaccharides, causing bacteria to undergo permeation distortion and dissolve to death.

The two powerful air sterilization technologies of negative ions and ozone are integrated into a portable belt sterilizer. Now with a portable mini sterilizer, you can add a layer of protection when you go out!

Preventing virus airborne

Ozone directly interacts with bacteria and viruses, destroying organelles and DNA and PNA, leading to the death of bacterial viruses. Negative ions have no dead corners and destroy the molecular protein structure of cells, molds and viruses throughout the space, killing the two major functions of bacterial poisons: It solves indoor odor Sterilize

Unlike the core technology, ordinary air purifiers use PM2.5 filtering technology, which can only filter particles in the atmosphere with a diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns. Ozone is a gaseous strong oxidant at room temperature. Its gas can cover 360 degrees, and it can quickly permeate the entire sterilization space without sterilizing, leaving more sterilization.

Two major functions to solve indoor odor sterilization:

1. Solve odor substances

Ozone decomposes harmful substances in the air, decomposing the source and killing harmful bacteria, instead of covering up with physical adsorption or fragrance.

2. High concentration negative ion release

High concentration of negative ions can remove dust, particles and static electricity in the air, and the sterilization effect is more obvious.

High concentration active oxygen release
No consumable reuse
High concentration negative ion release
Break down harmful substances

Comprehensive sterilization

The chemical formula of ozone is O3, which is a kind of gas. It is colorless at normal temperature, normal state, and normal pressure. The distribution area is very uniform, and it has strong oxidation.

Omni-directional sterilization, the oxygen atom is generated by the 'corona discharge method', the oxygen atom concentration per hour = 2000ug,

Fresh environment

One sterilizer can meet the sterilization and deodorization dust

Suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly

Can be placed in toilet, bedroom, wardrobe, living room, pet car, small space

Negative ion / ozone on

Active oxygen sterilizer

Fresh and safe Eliminate bacteria Remove odors Extend freshness Purify air

1: Power supply: lithium battery 3.7V, capacity: 500MA
2: Rated power P = 0.1W (watt).
3: Working mode: (two modes)

1): Press the light button to make the green light stay on, the ozone generator starts to work; stop working after 30 minutes, stop the work, the green light will flash, and the flashing frequency will be once every 1 second. 55 minutes after stopping work for 5 minutes. Stop for another 55 minutes and work for another 5 minutes, keep going in circles, and press the button lightly for the second time. The LED goes out and the ozone generator stops working.

2) When you press the button first, the blue light stays on, and the ozone generator starts to work; after 30 minutes of work, the work stops, and after the work stops, the blue light flashes, and the flashing frequency is once every 1 second. Stop working for 20 minutes and start working for 30 minutes. Stop for another 20 minutes and then work for another 30 minutes. Keep making loops. Press the button lightly for the second time. The LED goes out and the ozone generator stops working.

4: It will flash when the power is not enough, and only blue light or green light when working. Blue light stands for strong block and green light stands for weak block.

5: Red light on when charging, red light off when fully charged, charging current 300-400mA.

6: Electrical parameters:

1: Static current: ≤10uA.
2: Working current: ≤20mA.
3: Ozone generation: 2mg / h
4: Working voltage: 5VDC.
5: Charging time: 1 --- 2H;
6: The longest standby: 6-7 days
7. Weak 5-6 tian strong half